Privacy Policy

When entering the realm of online gambling, it's vital to be informed about the data collection and usage policies of the platform you choose. This document provides an in-depth look at how Pokiez-AU manages and safeguards player data. So, before diving into the exciting world of online gaming, spare a moment to familiarize yourself with the following information.

What Kind of Data Do We Gather? 

We gather different types of data. Don’t worry. We will provide you with information on the data you will be asked to share.

Personal Details

 These are details that help us identify you.

  • Account Information: Upon registering or engaging with our offerings, be it directly through our website or an affiliate's page, we'll request specific details. That might include your name, contact means, and your chosen financial method when you deal with third-party casinos. A quick side note: Pokiez-AU doesn't oversee your financial exchanges.
  • Feedback & Queries: There might be instances where you communicate with us, perhaps through a query on our blog or direct messages. Such interactions provide us with additional insights.
  • Device Data: We might also draw some details from your device. That could encompass such aspects as your IP address, unique device identifiers, and geolocation.

General Information 

That pertains to details that don't directly pinpoint an individual. Such data is often collected when you engage with our blog. For instance, the device type, the exact time you accessed our site, or the source from which you discovered our platform. Such information aids us in enhancing our service.

Why Do We Collect This Data? 

We harness the collected data for several key purposes:

  • Crafting an individualized user canvas ensuring an unparalleled gaming experience;
  • Administering your profile while refraining from financial intricacies;
  • Decoding your online navigation to adapt and polish our spectrum of services;
  • Informing you about platform innovations and developments;
  • Upholding platform sanctity and identifying potential discrepancies or misapplications;
  • Delving into potential policy deviations and aligning with governing standards;
  • Enhancing user interface and user experience based on gathered feedback;
  • Predictive analysis for future platform enhancements and user trends;
  • Streamlining user support and addressing queries more efficiently;
  • Tailoring promotional and marketing strategies to align with user preferences.

Managing Your Data and How Long We Retain It

Your control over your data is a priority for us. If you ever wish to modify, update, or even erase certain data (except for specific records like transaction histories that partner casinos might require), you can always contact us at [email protected]. And good news for those who prefer real-time interactions: we'll be integrating a live chat feature on our platform soon. Look out for that handy button!